Docs To Gather

When beginning the home buying process, getting pre-qualified serves to not only determine affordability but it also serves as a mode of determining one’s different loan options. Every scenario is different and as such there is no one size fits all option for loan products. When you are being pre-qualified for a mortgage, it is important for the loan officer to get an accurate assessment of your financial standing.  The loan officer would want to review as much documentation up front.  When providing these documents, it is essential that you mention any unique situations that you are aware of to the loan officer.  Providing this information ahead of time will allow the loan officer to properly determine your qualified amount and will help to ensure a successful transaction.

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Documents That I Need to Review to Pre-qualify:

Standard Documents:

  1. 2yrs Federal Tax Returns (1040’s)
  2. 2yrs W-2’s or 1099’s (depending on if they’re an employee or independent contractor)
  3. Paystubs that cover an entire month of pay
  4. Two months Bank Statements with all pages (shows the funds to be used for transaction)
  5. 2yrs work history and address history
  6. Copy of Identification or Driver’s License
  7. Mortgage Statement if other properties are owned
  8. Hazard Insurance Declaration Page or Premium Amount Paid for Coverage if other properties are owned

Specific Scenario Documents:

  1. VA Form DD-214 (applies to VA loans)
  2. Year to Date Profit and Loss Statement (for self employed borrowers)
  3. Business Tax Returns for self employed business owners
  4. Lease Agreements if Rental Properties are owned
  5. Divorce Decree (in order to assess alimony or child support responsibilities)

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